Navarro Family

Uniforms2SPC James Navarro and the Navarro family

The brick I purchased was to honor our family, our service in the Army, and most importantly, our commitment to our great country. I served at Miseau Army Depot (West Germany) during the Cold War era of 1978-1981 as a Military Policeman. My twin sons, Raymond and Ryan Navarro Price, began their service in 2005 as MPs, with individual combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and additional duty at Ft. Benning, Ft. Eustis, Ft. Bliss, and Stuttgart, Germany. My daughter, Stacie Navarro, has been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (May 2015) and after her Military Intelligence training at Ft. Huachuca, will be assigned to Ft. Carson. My wife Angie and I are also retired law enforcement and we all have served, or still do serve, our nation and our communities in one way or another.

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