The Army Historical Foundation Board of Directors

GEN Gordon R. Sullivan (USA-Ret.), Chairman
GEN William W. Hartzog (USA-Ret.), Vice Chairman.
GEN Eric K. Shinseki (USA-Ret.)
HON Sandra L. Pack (CPA)
GEN George W. Casey, Jr. (USA-Ret.)
GEN Ann E. Dunwoody (USA-Ret.)
LTG William H. Campbell (USA-Ret.)
LTG David K. Heebner (USA-Ret.)
LTG Larry R. Jordan (USA-Ret.)
MG Russell L. Fuhrman (USA-Ret.)
COL Ian T. Patterson (USA-Ret.)
SMA Kenneth O. Preston (USA-Ret.)
Dr. Krewasky A. Salter (USA-Ret.)
Ms. Debbie R. Brooks
Mr. Don M. Fox


LTG Roger Schultz, USA-Ret.
BG Creighton W. Abrams, Jr., USA-Ret.
Executive Director
CDR Talmadge Seaman, USCG-Ret.

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