For over 240 years the United States Army has been comprised of men and women who live and work as units. Together, they make each other stronger, smarter, and more complete, as the most elite military forces in the world.

Recognize your unit and its accomplishments in perpetuity at the National Museum of the United States Army. Each Unit Tribute plaque is $5,000. 

Unit Tributes will line the Path of Remembrance leading up to the Museum. The 12”x 18” plaques will honor individual Army units of any size and period of time. The plaques are engraved in polished Mesabi Black granite. Format and content of each unit’s plaque is highly customizable, and can include a color rendering of the unit’s Distinctive Unit Insignia and/or Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Our staff will work with you to create a plaque that speaks to your unit’s history. AHF has final approval on all plaque inscriptions and designs. See sample renderings below.

All Army units, past or present, qualify for this honor.

If you’d like to set up a custom fundraising page so that all the Soldiers from your unit can contribute toward your Unit’s Tribute, we’ve made it super easy to do that! Please make sure to mention your unit in the page’s description.

For questions about Unit Tributes, contact Cameron Lynn at cameron.lynn@armyhistory.org

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