Brigadier General James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson was born in Calvert County, Maryland, probably in 1757. He studied under a private tutor and then took up medicine in Philadelphia. In the early days of the Revolution, he fought with Thompson’s Pennsylvania rifle battalion and then was commissioned a captain in the Continental Army. Wilkinson served in the siege of Boston and …

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The Battle of the Wabash: The Forgotten Disaster of the Indian Wars

By Patrick Feng, Foundation Programs and Operations Coordinator When Americans read or hear about the Indian Wars, they are exposed to the familiar names like Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and George Armstrong Custer and his demise at the battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. Little is known of the worst disaster experienced by …

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The U.S. Army’s “Camel Corps” Experiment

By Vince Hawkins In the 1830s America’s westward expansion was being severely curtailed by the inhospitable terrain and climate faced by pioneers and settlers.  This was particularly the case in the southwest, where arid deserts, mountain peaks and impassable rivers were proving to be an almost insurmountable obstacle to men and animals alike. In 1836, …

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