First American Regiment

After the end of the Revolution the Continental Army was disbanded in 1784. By 1784, only a small group of artillerymen were left as Congress was wary of establishing a […]

Private Antonius Rokus

I became interested in the 29th New York Infantry Regiment about two years ago when in the process of tracing my family roots, I “found” a second cousin, once removed, […]

Major General Philip Kearny

Born on 1 June 1815 in New York City, Philip Kearny, also known as “The One Armed Devil,” and called “the bravest man I ever knew” by LTG Winfield Scott, […]

Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Josiah Harmar

Josiah Harmar was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 10 November 1753. When he was 18, he was appointed a captain in the 1st Pennsylvania Battalion. In October 1776, he entered […]

Brigadier General James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson was born in Calvert County, Maryland, probably in 1757. He studied under a private tutor and then took up medicine in Philadelphia. In the early days of the […]

Army Artwork during the Mexican War

Lasting from 1846 to 1848, the Mexican War remains one of the least studied conflicts in U.S. Army history.  Yet, despite the war’s relative obscurity in the annals of the […]

The Battle of Fallen Timbers, 20 August 1794

By Matthew Seelinger, Chief Historian In the days of the early Republic, the U.S. Army suffered some of its most devastating defeats in its history. While the Continental Army of […]

The U.S. Army’s “Camel Corps” Experiment

By Vince Hawkins In the 1830s America’s westward expansion was being severely curtailed by the inhospitable terrain and climate faced by pioneers and settlers.  This was particularly the case in […]


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