The 505th Infantry Regiment

Written By: Nicholas C. Welsh Throughout its long and storied history, the 505th Infantry Regiment has maintained a proud legacy within the U.S. Army and upheld the fighting spirit established […]

187th Infantry Regiment

Originally organized as a glider infantry unit in World War II, the 187th Infantry Regiment fought in the Korean War as part of an airborne regimental combat team. Later, in […]

The Gulf War and “European Artillery”

By BG Creighton W. Abrams, Jr., USA-Ret., Executive Director Ten years after the event is too soon to put the Gulf War into historical perspective, but more than enough time to […]

General Colin Luther Powell

Colin Luther Powell was born on 5 April 1937, in New York, New York. He attended the City University of New York. He graduated from CUNY and was commissioned a […]

Battle on the Basra Road

By Kevin Hymel When CPT Ken Pope led his troop of M1A1 Abrams tanks and M3A2 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicles over a ridge west of the Basra Road on 27 […]


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