The Army Historical Foundation

The mission moves forward.

The Army Historical Foundation shares with you our 2022 year in review as a digital Annual Report.

As we move ahead into 2023, we look to last year as a year of significant growth for the Foundation and the Museum. Thank you to all of our supporters and donors who helped us build a home for the American Soldier. 

The Foundation continues with its mission to honor the history and heritage of the American Soldier. Your support provided our Soldiers and Army families this permanent tribute, this magnificent Museum, and it was your generosity that made the National Army Museum a reality. And what a journey this has truly been. From the beginning and into our future, our mission holds steady, to share the history and heritage of the United States Army and American Soldier to the American public.

In this brief report, explore the lessons learned in 2022 and the Foundation’s progress as we look to our future. Recollecting our brief opening in November 2020, and a second opening in June 2021, we hit a new milestone on our journey as 2023 will be the first time we have had the opportunity to return to “normal” operating conditions. Even with the limited operating experiences, we are determined to apply every 2022 lesson applicable to improving the Foundation’s mission performance.

We are excited for 2023 ahead and ensuring our mission moves forward with our valued Museum and Foundation Supporters at our side! 

Additional Insights

As we share the 2022 Year in Review, you can also access our 990 and 2022 Audit here for additional information.