About the Army Historical Foundation

Preserve the Heritage – Educate the Future

The mission of The Army Historical Foundation (AHF) is to honor the American Soldier by preserving and presenting the history and heritage of the United States Army.  AHF is the official Foundation of the National Museum of the United States Army, responsible for fundraising, memberships, and operational and attractions management.  The Foundation was established in 1983 as a member-based, charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

AHF’s mission and vision is rooted in over five decades of experience in the Army history community.  AHF strives to:

Engage: Create a meaningful Museum experience for visitors of all ages, immersing them in Army history and the lives of our Soldiers, their families, and the Army community.

Educate: Help tell the Army story by showcasing the role and relationship of the U.S. to the Nation.

Inspire: Encourage others to learn more about the U.S. Army through Soldier’s stories that also promote esprit de corps and Army values.

Honor: Honor the service and sacrifice of the American Soldier and the Army Family.

Preserve: Ensure that the history, heritage, lessons, and legacy of the U.S. Army is preserved for future generations.

For the latest information visit Museum’s website at theNMUSA.org. To ensure visitors safety, the Museum is preparing to follow state, federal and U.S. Army health guidelines. The latest COVID-19 opening information and updates can be found online.

AHF manages all revenue generating activities in the Museum, including retail operations, food services, simulators, facility rentals, and special events.

Other day to day operations include production of On Point: The Journal of Army History, a quarterly magazine featuring articles on Army history, the support of fielding hundreds of historical inquiries annually, hosting national and international battlefield rides, crafting specialty educational programming, and organizing book and writing awards.

We welcome you to support the Foundation or join as a Member to support our role as the Museum’s Foundation. 


The National Museum of the United States Army would not be a reality without the generous donations of individuals. We thank you for your continuing support.

Visit our History Center

Check out our collection of Army history articles and curated resources by our team of historians. Updated regularly, this online History Center provides digital access to a range of topics and relevant subject matter. 

The Army Historical Foundation shares with you our 2022 year in review as a digital Annual Report.

As we move ahead into 2023, we look to last year as a year of significant growth for the Foundation and the Museum. Thank you to all of our supporters and donors who helped us build a home for the American Soldier. 

The Foundation continues with its mission to honor the history and heritage of the American Soldier. Your support provided our Soldiers and Army families this permanent tribute, this magnificent Museum, and it was your generosity that made the National Army Museum a reality. And what a journey this has truly been. From the beginning and into our future, our mission holds steady, to share the history and heritage of the United States Army and American Soldier to the American public.