Juneteenth: The Army’s Role

General Granger’s reading of General Orders No.3 in Galveston, Texas on 19 June 1865 symbolized what was gained after five long years of war.

Elmer E. Ellsworth

Written By: Emily George “The beginnings of great periods have often been marked and made memorable by striking events.  Out of the cloud that hangs around the vague inceptions of […]

Sergeant Major Christian Fleetwood

Written By: CSM (Ret) James H. Clifford The streets of Baltimore were abuzz on 17 September 1863 with word that a new Union regiment was marching from Camp Belcher on […]

Mine Warfare in the Civil War

Written By: John Grady Early in the Civil War, hard-pressed Confederate Army officers in the West, like Major General Leonidas K. Polk, knew they were particularly exposed to the Union […]


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