COL Edwin P. Ramsey

COL Edwin P. Ramsey
Honored by: Dr. Raquel R. Ramsey

I am so proud to honor my husband, Colonel Edwin P. Ramsey, 26th Cavalry PS who led the Last Horse Cavalry Charge in U.S. Army history on Jan. 16, 1942 in Morong, Bataan, Philippines. He then formed the Guerilla Forces in Central Luzon and fought for 4 years behind enemy lines and was decorated by Gen. Douglas MacArthur with the Distinguished Service Cross on June 13, 1945 amid the rubble of Manila. Col. Ramsey passed away on March 7, 2013 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

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The Registries provide a unique opportunity to recognize and honor active duty Soldiers, fallen Soldiers, and veterans, civilians who worked with or for the Army, and animals that served a role during conflicts.