Cale Clyde Miller

Cale Clyde Miller.  Honored by PFC Garrett Kirk.

I chose to have a brick placed for my brothers and sisters along this timeless memorial because the saying “Honor the Sacrifice” rings a bell that every veteran can understand. Too many times a service member will sacrifice everything for our nation and may be remembered for a few weeks, or a month, but eventually the general public will forget. That is unacceptable, I dedicated this brick to Cale Clyde Miller. He was a high school friend who gave his life on May 24th, 2012 and I have his KIA bracelet tattooed on my wrist. I will never forget what he gave for me and for our great country. He was truly “Everybody’s Protector” (as coined by his mom). He will never be forgotten and it is my hope that we continue to remember all who have sacrificed for us.  PFC Garrett Kirk 82nd ABN 1st BCT 2-504 PIR “Honor the Sacrifice.”  (Return to “Why my brick?” Testimonial Page.)

Kirk photo 1