MSG Donald E. Boldt and SGT Ralph L. Boldt

MSG Donald E. Boldt (Vietnam 1964) 001_cropped
MSG Donald E. Bolt, Vietnam 1964.
SGT Ralph L. Boldt  Vietnam 1968
SGT Ralph L. Boldt, Vietnam 1968

MSG Donald E. Boldt, USA-Ret. and SGT Ralph Boldt.  Honored by SGT Ralph Boldt.A special dad is hard to find and I wished he could have stayed forever. Dad passed away October 25, 2013. I dedicated a brick in honor of both of our service. Dad would have wanted it that way. Both Dad and I served in the US Army. Dad made it a career and served for 21 years and me for 3 years. Dad and I both had a strong commitment in serving our country even in the time when it was not so cool to be in the military. We both fought in the Vietnam War. Dad was there in 1964 as a military advisor to the South Vietnamese Army and me in 1968 with F Company, 51st Infantry, Airborne Long Range Patrol and D Company, 151st Infantry, Airborne Ranger. Both Dad and I continued our federal service when we left the US Army and both of us retired from federal service. Dad had a great influence on my life. Unfortunately now only distance keeps us apart, but he will always remain in my heart.

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