Volunteer Stories from Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the National Museum of the United States Army to temporarily close its doors, the Museum’s volunteers were left anxiously waiting to share the Museum’s hidden stories and why they chose to be part of this historic project. 

“Volunteer Stories from Home” is a weekly video series hosted by The Army Historical Foundation, highlighting the Museum’s volunteer corps. Each volunteer comes from a different background…has a different connection to the U.S. Army…and has their own story of service to tell. All of them are passionate about the history, lessons, and values we can learn from the American Soldier.

How you can get involved

The National Museum of the United States Army is looking for individuals who are passionate about the U.S. Army and sharing the stories of the men and women who have worn the Army uniform throughout our nation’s history.

A Campaign of this size and scope needs every willing hand. Together we can make the National Army Museum a reality. Lend a hand now with our fundraising and awareness campaigns.