I Climbed Down Those Nets!

WWII Veteran Discovers D-Day Exhibit—Tells His Story

19-year-old Carver McGriff

In June 1944, 19-year-old Carver McGriff participated in the D-Day invasion, crossing the beaches of Normandy to join the 357th Infantry Regiment. More than 76 years later, Dr. McGriff stood before the Museum’s D-Day display—a captivating life-sized scene of Soldiers descending cargo nets into a Higgins Boat. Looking at the Soldier figures clinging to the ropes above choppy seas, he saw a day in his life he has never forgotten. He pointed up and said, “I climbed down those nets.” Dr. McGriff spent time reflecting on how the scene recreated his own experience. He also assured the Museum team that they got the details right, “The Soldiers are keeping their hands on the vertical ropes because you didn’t want to get your fingers stepped on.”

Carver McGriff

While decades have passed since McGriff landed on those beaches with the other “Tough Ombres” of the 90th Infantry Division, his memories of service were vivid. LTG Schultz, who joined Dr. McGriff on the tour, wrote in the Foundation’s On Point magazine, “I was struck by his humility, his presence, and the details he recalls from his days in an Army uniform.” Dr. McGriff’s wife Marianne shared her gratitude for the experience, writing, “Our visit to the National Army Museum ranks as one of our top highlights EVER.”