Army ArtiFACTS — Episode 9 — Women in History

During Memorial Day Weekend 2022, The Army Historical Foundation screened the documentary “Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day” and hosted Q&A sessions with the filmmaker, Charlotte Juergens.

Army ArtiFACTS — Episode 8 — Pearl Harbor Heroes

On this episode of Army Artifacts, learn about Army pilots Kenneth Taylor and George Welch who, while still wearing their tuxedos from the night before, jumped into their P-40s to face enemy aircraft on December 7th, 1941.

Unit: The 2d Cavalry Division

One of the least known U.S. Army formations of World War II was the 2d Cavalry Division, which enjoyed the dubious distinction of being inactivated twice.

65th Infantry Regiment

The 65th Infantry Regiment has a long history of military service to the United States that began shortly after the acquisition of Puerto Rico from Spain following the Spanish-American War.


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