The 29th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 29th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was almost exclusively a “German” unit, reflecting the fact that between 1820 and 1860 some 1.3 million German immigrants arrived in America.

Major General John Buford, USA

During the early years of the Civil War, the Union cavalry was often outclassed by Confederate troopers.  Rebel cavalrymen became legendary for their exploits against federal horsemen, often riding circles […]

Major General Henry Wager Halleck

Henry Halleck was born in Westernville, New York, on 16 January 1815. He was educated at Hudson Academy, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Union College. He then graduated from the U.S. […]

Major General George Brinton McClellan

George McClellan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 3 December 1826. He attended college preparatory schools, and briefly attended the University of Pennsylvania before he accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy. In the […]

Lieutenant General John McAllister Schofield

John McAllister Schofield was born in Gerry, New York on 29 September 1831. He attended the United States Military Academy and was commissioned in the artillery in 1853. Schofield was promoted to first lieutenant in […]