SSG William Gregory

SSG William Gregory.  Honored by his Mother.

My SGregoryon served 2 tours in Iraq. Always in the front lines, He served with honor and bravery, earning several awards. William is our only Son, and for us proud parents, it was a hardship having Him in line of fire. Prior to His last deployment, His Father, my Husband passed away. Making deployment a little harder worried about me, His Mom and not having had time to mourn His great loss. Growing up an “army brat” I was not a stranger to having a family member as a Soldier. My Father, Solomon Romero, proudly served for 27 years and resides at Arlington Cemetery, He was my Son’s inspiration to serve. God bless our Soldiers. It is with pride that I purchase this Brick in Honor of My Son’s service to His country. (Return to “Why my brick?” Testimonial Page.)