Order of Battle of the U.S. Army in the Spanish-American War

Puerto Rico:

25 July at Guanica
Expeditionary Force (Miles)
Provisional Division (-) (Henry)
Garretson’s Brigade (+)
6th Mass. Vol.
6th Ill. Vol. (-)
F, 3rd Arty.
B, 4th Arty.
Eng. Bn
Provisional Battalion of Recruits

27 July at Ponce
1st Division (Wilson)
1st Brigade (Ernst)
16th Penn. Vol. (1st & 2nd Bns.)
2nd Wisc. Vol.
3rd Wisc. Vol.
1st Bn. (+) 1st Kent. Vol.
D & M, 6th Ill. Vol.

31 July at Guanica
Independent Regular Brigade (Schwan)
11th Inf.
19th Inf.
A, 5th Cav.
C, 3rd Arty.
D, 5th Arty.

31 July to 5 August at Ponce and Arroyo
I Corps (-) (Brooke)
2nd Brigade (+) (Hain)
3rd Ill. Vol.
4th Ohio Vol.
4th Penn. Vol.
F, 6th Inf.
H, 6th Cav.
A & C, NY Vol. Cav.
Phil. City Troop, Penn. Vol. Cav.
Provisional. Arty. Bn.


30 June at Cavite
2nd Division (Anderson)
14th Inf. (A,C,D,E, & F)
1st Calif. Vol.
2nd Oreg. Vol.
A & D Calif. Vol. Arty. (Elements)
17 July at Cavite
2nd Brigade (Greene)
18th Inf. (-)
23rd Inf. (-)
1st Colo. Vol.
1st Neb. Vol.
10th Penn. Vol.
A & B, Utah Arty.

25-31 July at Cavite
VIII Corps (Merritt)
1st Brigade (+) (MacArthur)
18th Inf. (-)
23rd Inf. (-)
1st Idaho Vol.
1st ND Vol.
13th Minn. Vol.
1st Bn., 1st Wyom. Vol.
Astor Battery
A, Vol. Signal Corps
3rd Bn., 3rd Arty.
A, Engineers

Source: Albert A. Nofi, The Spanish-American War, 1898