Museum Premiers September 11 Virtual Exhibit

National Museum of the United States Army Premiers September 11 Virtual Exhibit

The National Museum of the United States Army has created a virtual exhibit, “Army Resolve: Looking Back at 9/11,” to mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. The exhibit, created in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, will premiere on September 6, 2021 on the museum’s website.

“The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 forever changed the course of history for our nation and the United States Army,” said Paul Morando, the Museum’s Chief Curator. “As our country pauses to remember and reflect on the 20th anniversary, our museum will help share the personal stories of the Soldiers impacted by those attacks, both in the immediate aftermath and the missions that followed.” 

Visitors to the online exhibit are invited to explore personal accounts of Soldiers affected by the actions on September 11 through individual accounts, art and artifacts. The exhibit will also educate visitors about how the U.S. Army changed in response to the attacks, and how the attacks ultimately led to military missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. Due to the social and cultural elements associated with the Global War on Terrorism, elements of exhibit material may be considered sensitive for some visitors. 

In addition to this uniquely curated online exhibit with Google Arts & Culture, the museum will also host two history talks in September about the U.S. Army’s role in Afghanistan. Featured presenters will be U.S. Army historian, Dr. Mark Folse, and retired Army officer, E.J. Degen who will discuss operations in the early months of Operation Enduring Freedom and how the U.S. Army formed, trained and deployed combat power overseas following the events of 9/11.

“It’s the Museum’s privilege to offer multiple ways for visitors to connect with the events of that fateful day,” added Morando. “Whether or not a visitor has a personal memory of that time, connecting with personal stories, art and artifacts are fundamental to preserving our nation’s history.”

More information about these commemorative in-person and virtual visitor opportunities can be found on the Museum’s event calendar at