Museum Matches Leidos Culture and Mission

Leidos saw a synergy between the National Museum of the United States Army and its company. The Fortune 500® leader in information technology, engineering, and science works side-by-side with the U.S. Army to provide capabilities in hypersonic technology, intelligence, health, reconnaissance, and more. An appreciation for the U.S. Army’s storied history and the contributions of the American Soldier is deeply rooted in the company’s culture. That affinity is what initially compelled Leidos to contribute to The Army Historical Foundation’s campaign. To date, the company has contributed $1 million in support of the Museum.

“We are honored to support The Army Historical Foundation as they ensure that the stories of our Soldiers are preserved, shared and experienced,” said Roger Krone, Leidos chairman and chief executive officer. “It’s important to educate all Americans so they can fully appreciate the sacrifices that generations of American Soldiers have made to safeguard our freedoms.”

Leidos also saw its support of the Museum as a tribute to many who work for the company. Of Leidos’s 43,000 employees, approximately 20 percent are veterans. By helping build a museum that preserves more than 246 years of Army service, Leidos wanted to send a message to its veteran employees, and all who serve, that the company stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

At the same time, the company’s commitment to the Museum does more than just remember the past. The Leidos team recognized early on that the Museum’s Experiential Learning Center, which allows small groups to participate in intelligence exercises using mapping technology, has the potential to inspire young people to pursue careers in the fields of G-STEM (geography, science, technology, engineering, and math). The experts at Leidos know firsthand the importance of inspiring interest in these fields for the future security and prosperity of the nation.

The Army Historical Foundation is grateful that Leidos has joined the Five-Star Circle of Distinction with a gift that will honor the Army’s history while enriching its future.