M14 Rifle

Written By: Patrick Feng Throughout World War II, the M1 Garand rifle, which was manufactured in large quantities, served the U.S. Army extremely well.  Despite the Garand’s undeniable reliability and effectiveness in combat, the experience of the German Gewehr 43 and the Soviet Tokarev SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles showed that the eight-round, clip-loaded magazine of the …

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The M28/M29 Davy Crockett Nuclear Weapon System

Written By: Matthew Seelinger During the Cold War, as the U.S. Navy and Air Force maintained America’s strategic nuclear arsenal of long-range bombers and submarine and land-based ballistic missiles, the Army focused on the development and deployment of tactical nuclear weapons for possible use on the battlefield.  Beginning in the early 1950s, the Army introduced …

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