This Week in Army History

12 – 18 April

18 April 1775 A provisional brigade of 700 British light infantry, grenadiers, and marines is organized for a “powder” raid on Concord, Massachusetts. On the night of the 18th, the force departs Boston on longboats, crossing the Charles River. The embarkation is disorganized and slow, giving American alarm riders time to carry warnings to the …

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22 – 28 March

24 March 1945 The U.S. 17th Airborne Division and British 6th Airborne Division launch Operation VARSITY, a daylight parachute and glider assault into landing zones east of the Rhine River, north and northwest of Wesel. The mission is to secure bridgeheads for other units to cross.

8 – 14 February

9 February 1944 The Bronze Star Medal is authorized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to be awarded “for heroic or meritorious service against the enemy not involving aerial flight.” It is noted that the ribbon will be issued until the medal is available.