Vietnam Veterans Showcase Personal Artifacts 

The National Museum of the United States Army is inviting Museum volunteers who served in Vietnam to share their stories and display their personal artifacts on March 29, National Vietnam War Veterans Day. The daylong showcase will begin at 9 a.m. in the Museum Lobby and feature objects including a North Vietnamese Tropical Pith Helmet, Joint Operations Tactical Map, Water Buffalo Horns, North Vietnamese Field Pack, framed “Woman of War” Poem, and Military Working Dog Records.  

To prepare for the showcase, volunteers participated in training on how to write professional descriptions for their artifacts, like the labels identifying objects throughout the Museum. Volunteers also wrote their personal stories of service in the same model used in the Museum’s Soldiers’ Stories gallery.  

The Museum is fortunate to have a volunteer corps with a wealth of firsthand knowledge about Army history. We are honored to include their experiences among the Soldiers’ stories that comprise the history preserved in the Museum.  

Admission is free, get your timed-entry tickets today!