AH-64 Cheyenne

The Army set 24 November 1964 as the deadline for proposal submission and expected to determine a winner and award a contract by 1 November 1965. Twelve companies submitted proposals for the AAFSS, but the Army realized that it would need an interim measure to fill the immediate need for an attack helicopter while the AAFSS was fully developed.

The Donut Dollies of Vietnam

Over 600 Donut Dollies responded to the somewhat opaque Red Cross’s ads seeking “qualified young women who were willing to serve one year overseas.”

5th Infantry Regiment

With its lineage extending back to 1808 when the Army organized the 4th Infantry, the 5th Infantry Regiment is one of the Army’s longest serving infantry units.  In 1815, several […]

1st Signal Brigade

While the U.S. Army employed thousands of combat troops in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, thousands more combat support and combat service support troops were also deployed to Vietnam […]