From the Army Art Collection – Army Aviation

An argument can be made that Army Aviation began with the use of observation balloons during the Civil War, the Army’s initial foray into modern aviation came with the acquisition of its first aircraft from the Wright brothers in 1909.

Artwork of Sergeant First Class Amy L. Brown

Sergeant First Class Amy L. Brown, a U.S. Army Center of Military History’s (CMH) Artist-in-Residence, first came to CMH in 2012 after serving as an instructor at the Defense Information […]

Ardennes-Alsace Campaign

On 16 December 1944, the German Wehrmacht launched what would be its last major offensive in the West. 

Artwork of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM

October 2016 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the beginning of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan against al Qaeda and the Taliban.  Following the 11 September 2001 attacks […]

Army Artwork during the Mexican War

Lasting from 1846 to 1848, the Mexican War remains one of the least studied conflicts in U.S. Army history.  Yet, despite the war’s relative obscurity in the annals of the […]