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Books Currently Available

The Smell of War: Three Americans in the Trenches of World War II. By Virginia Bernhard, Texas A&M University Press, 2018. A compilation of three memoirs by three American soldiers serving with the AEF during World War I, which provide a comprehensive picture of training, embarkation overseas, combat in the trenches, and post-Armistice occupation.

Fulda Gap: Battlefield of the Cold War Alliances. By Dieter Krüger and Volker Bausch, Lexington Books, 2018. A compilation of essays on the crucial role of the Fulda Gap in the larger strategic context of the Cold War in Europe.

Buttoned Up: American Armor and the 781st Tank Battalion in World War II. By Westin Ellis Robeson, Texas A&M University Press, 2017. A unit history of the 781st Tank Battalion in the European Theater during World War II.

Sons and Soldiers: The Untold Story of Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the U.S. Army to Fight Hitler. By Bruce Henderson, William Morrow, 2017. A history of the “Ritchie Boys”, Jewish boys who were sent away by their families to the U.S. and later joined the Army and provided units with vital tactical intelligence on the enemy.

Courage in Combat: Stories by and About Recipients of the Nation’s Highest Decorations. By Richard J. Rinaldo, Casemate Publishers, 2017. A compilation of stories on notable figures in the U.S. armed forces and their actions that led to their receiving the nation’s highest awards for gallantry.

The 110th Holds in the Ardennes: The Blunting of Hitler’s Last Gamble and the Invasion of the Reich. By Walter S. Zapotoczny, Jr. Fonthill Media, 2017. A history of the 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, during the battle of the Bulge.

Texans at Antietam: A Terrible Clash of Arms, September 16-17, 1862. By Joe Owen, Philip McBride, and Joe Allport. Fonthill Media, 2017. A history of the experiences of veterans of units from Texas, including John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade, during the battle of Antietam.

The Generals of Shiloh: Character in Leadership, April 6-7, 1862. By Larry Tagg, Savas Beatie, 2017. A leadership analysis of the general officers in the Union and Confederate armies during the battle of Shiloh.

Discovering Gettysburg: An Unconventional introduction to the Greatest Little Town in America and the Monumental Battle that made it famous. By W. Stephen Coleman, Savas Beatie, 2017. A look at the Gettysburg battlefield, the campaign, and interviews with local experts on the history of battlefield and evolution of the town through the years.

Omar Nelson Bradley: America’s GI General, 1893-1981. By Steven L. Ossad, University of Missouri Press, 2017. A biography of General of the Army Omar N. Bradley. 

That Bloody Hill: Hilliard’s Legion at Chickamauga. By Lee Elder, McFarland Publishers, 2017. A look at the battle for Horseshoe Ridge during the later phase of the Battle of Chickamauga from the perspective of Hilliard’s Legion, a part of Confederate Brigadier General Archibald Gracie’s Alabama Brigade, which came closest to dislodging Union defenders from the position at great cost.

Long Journeys Home: American Veterans of World War II, Korea, & Vietnam. By Michael D. Gambone, Texas A&M University Press, 2017. A look at the veterans experience of returning home from war and issues they faced, with emphasis on World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

A Bloodless Victory: The Battle of New Orleans in History and Memory. By Joseph F. Stoltz III, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017. A look at the evolution of how the Battle of New Orleans in June 1815 is remembered based on  cultural and social changes.

The Myths of Tet: The Most Misunderstood Event of the Vietnam War. By Edwin E. Moise, University Press of Kansas, 2017. A new study of the 1968 Tet Offensive and a reexamination of commonly held views from previous assessments and publications.

Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War it Starts. By Harlan K. Ullman, Naval Institute Press, 2017. An analysis of the reasons for American failure to achieve strategic objectives in conflicts it initiated with in-depth study of presidential administrations from Kennedy to Trump.

The West Point History of the American Revolution. By Clifford J. Rogers, Ty Seidule, and Samuel J. Watson, Simon & Schuster, 2017. The fourth and final volume in the West Point History of Warfare series with contributions from notable historians commissioned by West Point on the military and political background of the American Revolution.

Phantoms of the South Fork: Captain McNeill and His Rangers. By Steve French, Kent State University Press, 2017. A unit history on Confederate Captain John H. McNeill’s partisan rangers and their operations in the South Fork river valley of present-day West Virginia.

The Hardest Journey Home: A True Story of Loss and Duty During the Iraq War. Westholme Publishing, 2017. A look at Donleigh O. Gaunky’s service in Iraq and the difficult process of escorting his brother’s remains back to the U.S. after he was killed in action.

The Odyssey of Echo Company: The 1968 Tet Offensive and the Epic Battle to Survive the Vietnam War. By Doug Stanton, Scribner, 2017. A study of the reconnaissance platoon of Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, and its combat operations during the 1968 Tet Offensive.

8 Seconds of Courage: A Soldier’s Story, From Immigrant to the Medal of Honor. By Flo Groberg and Tom Sileo, Simon & Schuster, 2017. A biography of Captain Florent Groberg, USA-Ret. who was the first immigrant to receive the Medal of Honor  since the Vietnam War in 2015 for his role in protecting a high-level delegation of Afghan and American officials by taking down a suicide bomber in 2012.

Tiger Bravo’s War. By Rick St. John, Currahee Press, 2017. A unit history of B Company, 2d Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during its deployment in Vietnam in 1968. 

With Their Bare Hands: General Pershing, The 79th Division, and the Battle for Montfaucon. By Gene Fax, Osprey Publishing, 2017. A unit history of the 79th Division during World War I from its activation to the end of the war.

Service in a Time of Suspicion: Experiences of Muslims Serving in the U.S. Military Post-9/11. By Michelle Sandhoff, University of Iowa Press, 2017. A study of several Muslim-American service members and their experiences in the U.S. military in the Post-9/11 era.

Scars of Independence: America’s Violent Birth. By Holger Hoock, Crown Publishing, 2017. A study on the dilemmas of unrestrained violence prevalent in both sides against soldiers and civilians during the American Revolution. 

Emory Upton: Misunderstood Reformer. By David J. Fitzpatrick, University of Oklahoma Press, 2017. A new look on Emory Upton and his ideas in context of an inherent American political-military tradition rather than a “Prussian” interpretation.

The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn: The Untold Story of the American Revolution. By Robert P. Watson, Da Capo Press, 2017. A history of the notorious prison ship HMS Jersey and the handling of American prisoners of war during the American Revolution.

Recollections of a Civil War Medical Cadet: Burt Green Wilder. By Richard M. Reid, Kent State University Press, 2017. An account of Burt Wilder, a medical cadet who served in various Army hospitals during the Civil War, who noted the evolution of treatment of combat injuries throughout the war.

Practical Strangers: The Courtship Correspondence of Nathaniel Dawson and Elodie Todd, Sister of Mary Todd Lincoln. By Stephen Berry and Angela Esco Elder, University of Georgia Press, 2017. A collection of courtship letters between Captain Nathaniel Dawson of the 4th Alabama Infantry and Elodie Todd, sister to Mary Todd Lincoln, which shows the difficulties families endured during the Civil War. 

America and the Future of War: The Past as Prologue. By Williamson Murray, Hoover Institution Press, 2017. A study on past conflicts and the importance of understanding the political, strategic, and international contexts of each in order to prepare the United States for a rapidly changing and unpredictable global environment.

Soldiers and Civilization: How the Profession of Arms Thought and Fought the Modern World into Existence. By Reed Robert Bonadonna, Naval Institute Press, 2017. An analysis on the evolution of the relationship between citizen and soldier from the Classical era to the modern day.

Nine Days in May: The Battles of the 4th Infantry Division on the Cambodian Border, 1967. By Warren K. Wilkins, University of Oklahoma Press, 2017. A study of elements of the 4th Infantry Division’s role during Operation Francis Marion in the Ia Tchar Valley, near the Cambodian border in May 1967. 

The American War in Viet Nam: Cultural Memories at the Turn of the Century. By Susan Lyn Eastman, University of Tennessee Press, 2017. A look at how American culture dealt with remembering the Vietnam War through movies, literature, and memorials.

Brigadier General Robert L. McCook and Colonel Daniel McCook, Jr.: A Union Army Dual Biography. By Wayne Fanebust, McFarland Publishers, 2017. Two biographies on Robert McCook and Daniel McCook, brothers from a prominent family known as the Fighting McCooks, who joined the Union Army and were both killed during the war.

Chasing Mosby, Killing Booth: The 16th New York Volunteer Cavalry. By James Carson, McFarland Publishers, 2017. A unit history of the 16th New York Volunteer Cavalry and its operations against Confederate guerrillas led by Colonel John Mosby and its involvement in hunting John Wilkes Booth after the war.

My Dear People: The World War I Letters of Private Ned Crawford. By Constance Crawford, Daniel & Daniel Publishers, 2017. A collection of letters written by Private Ned Crawford who served with the 316th Field Signal Battalion, 91st Division, on the Western Front during World War I.

Soldiers in the Southwest Borderlands: 1848-1886. By Janne Lahti, University of Oklahoma Press, 2017. A compilation of ten biographies on enlisted soldiers from various cultural backgrounds who served in regular, militia, and volunteer units in the American Southwest.

Standing in Their Own Light: African American Patriots in the American Revolution. By Judith L. Van Buskirk, University of Oklahoma Press, 2017. A study of the Continental Army’s various units comprising African American soldiers and their fight for freedom from Great Britain and in their own country during and after the American Revolution.

Tears Across the Mekong. By Marc Phillip Yablonka, Figueroa Press, 2016. A study of U.S. Army operations in Laos during the Vietnam War.

Paying Freedom’s Price: A History of African Americans in the Civil War. By Paul D. Escott, Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. A short analysis on the role of African Americans in both North and South played in the Civil War.

Frock Coats & Epaulets: The Men Who Led the Confederacy. By Alf J. Mapp Jr., Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.  A leadership analysis of the Confederate high command including Jefferson Davis, Lee, Jackson, Joseph E. Johnston, J.E.B. Stuart, and Judah P. Benjamin.

The Yankee Plague: Escaped Union Prisoners and the Collapse of the Confederacy. By Lorien Foote, UNC Press, 2016. A study on the large-scale escapes of Union POWs from Confederate prison camps in the Carolinas in the last months of the war and its effects on the collapse of the Confederate prison system as well as the societal effects created.

Letters From the Greatest Generation: Writing Home in World War II. By Howard H. Peckham and Shirley A. Snyder, Indiana University Press, 2016. A collection of World War II letters written by American men and women serving overseas, providing a glimpse of wartime experience and hopes for the future.

Hopeless but Optimistic: Journeying through America’s Endless War in Afghanistan. By Douglas A. Wissing, Indiana University Press, 2016. An on-the-ground look at the day-to-day life of U.S. soldiers and Afghan civilians in the midst of war.

Kingdom in the West: The Mormons and the American Frontier, Volume II-At Sword’s Point, Part 2, A Documentary History of the Utah War, 1858-1859. By William P. MacKinnon, The Arthur H. Clark Company, 2016. The second part of a comprehensive history of the Utah War, 1858-59 between the Mormons and the United States government.

Wolford’s Cavalry: The Colonel, the War in the West, and the Emancipation Question in Kentucky. By Dan Lee, Potomac Books, 2016. A biography of Colonel Frank Wolford of the 1st Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry and his controversial stance against President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which tarnished his stellar military career.

Democracy and the American Civil War: Race and African Americans in the Nineteenth Century. By Kevin Adams and Leonne M. Hudson, Kent State University Press, 2016. A collection of essays on the evolution of democracy and race during and after the Civil War.

Pure Heart: The Faith of a Father and Son in the War for a More Perfect UnionBy William F. Quigley Jr., Kent State University Press, 2016. A concurrent look at Reverend Benjamin Dorr, a prominent priest of Christ Church, Philadelphia and his son William White Dorr, an officer serving with the 121st Pennsylvania during the Civil War and their roles in fighting to preserve the Union at home and at the front.

For Their Own Cause: The 27th United States Colored Troops. By Kelly D. Mezurek, Kent State University Press, 2016. A unit history on the formation of the 27th United States Colored Troops in April 1864 and its operations in Virginia and North Carolina.

Vietnam’s High Ground: Armed Struggle for the Central Highlands, 1954-1965. By J.P. Harris, University Press of Kansas, 2016. An analysis of the vital role of the Central Highlands region in South Vietnam in the strategies of American, South Vietnamese, and Communist forces during the Vietnam War.

21st Century Patton: Strategic Insights for the Modern Era. By J. Furman Daniel III, Naval Institute Press, 2016. An analysis of General George S. Patton as a strategic thinker and how his experiences would help in leadership development.

American Military Communities in West Germany: Life in the Cold War Badlands, 1945-1990. By John W. Lemza, McFarland Publishers, 2016. A study of American military communities in West Germany during the Cold War and their engagement with local German communities.

War Stories: A GI Reporter in Vietnam, 1970-1971. By Conrad M. Leighton, McFarland Publishers, 2016. A compilation of entries and letters from a combat reporter assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam from 1970-71.

Fort Bascom: Soldiers, Comancheros, and Indians in the Canadian River Valley. By James Bailey Blackshear, University of Oklahoma Press, 2016. A history of the crucial role of Fort Bascom in the American Southwest, protecting New Mexico Territory from Confederate invasion and later against Comanches and Southern Plains Indians.

12 Texas Aggie War Heroes: From World War I to Vietnam. By James R. Woodall, Texas A&M University Press, 2016. A look at twelve alumni of Texas A&M University who exhibited bravery and heroism in American wars in the 20th century.