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Books Currently Available

Adelbert Ames, the Civil War, and the Creation of Modern America. By Michael J. Megelsh, Kent State University Press, 2024. A biography of the life of a Union general, Reconstruction-era politician, and businessman. Ames was the first colonel of the famous 20th Maine. His resignation from office ended Reconstruction in Mississippi; he helped thwart the Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery that broke the James-Younger Gang; and he volunteered to fight in the Spanish-American War in his sixties. 

Arming the World: American Gun-Makers in the Gilded Age. By Geoffrey S. Stewart, Lyons Press, 2024. A focused view on American small arms industry, more specifically, the manufacturers who supplied the world’s revolution in breech-loading rifles that followed the Civil War. Particular focus is on the names that did not survive to the 20th Century, who had their heyday and downfall alike in the Gilded Age.

The Army Under Fire: The Politics of Antimilitarism in the Civil War Era. By Cecily N. Zander, Louisiana State University Press, 2024. Scrutinizes the extent that antimilitarism had during and after the Civil War, particularly during Reconstruction, and how such attitudes were affected or utilized for political goals.

Bringing Davy Home: In the Shadow of War, a Soldier’s Daughter Remembers. By Sherri Steward, Texas A&M University Press, 2024. Written by a daughter about her father and uncle, this is the story of two Texan brothers, one who fought in WWII and Korea, and the second, who paid the ultimate pride so far from home, falling in battle in the Korean War. Much of it is drawn from letters sent home.

By All Means Available: Memoirs of a Life in Intelligence, Special Operations, and Strategy. By Michael G. Vickers, Alfred A. Knopf, 2023. A memoir by a former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Vickers served as a Green Beret for ten years before joining the Central Intelligence Agency in 1983, and was a key figure in arming the Mujahideen opposing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The Cassville Affairs: Johnston, Hood, and the Failed Confederate Strategy in the Atlanta Campaigns, 19 May 1864. By Robert D. Jenkins, Sr., Mercer University Press, 2024. A new look into the Civil War Cassville controversies during the fighting in Northern Georgia, which ended in a Union strategic victory, examining the leadership failures of Confederate command.

Civil War Torpedoes and the Global Development of Landmine Warfare. By Early J. Hess, Rowman & Littlefield, 2023. A study of the history of landmine development during the Civil War, focused on the themes of morality, tactics, technology, and placing Civil War landmines in the context of global history. (‘Torpedoes’ here refers to the older use of the term, not the naval variety known today.)

Clearing the Way: U.S. Army Engineers in World War II. By Chris Mcnab. Casemate Publishers, 2023. Utilizing primary sources, including manuals and reports, this text aims to provide insight to the work of U.S. Army Engineers during World War II.

Colorado In The Civil War. By John Steinle, Arcadia Publishing, 2023. Part of the Images of America series, this book is a pictorial history of Colorado’s participation in the Civil War.

Conflict of Command: George McClellan, Abraham Lincoln, and the Politics of War. By George C. Rable, 2023. A new perspective on the well known relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan, Rable focuses on the political fallout of McClellan’s military campaigns, approaching the failed relationship through a near-purely political lens.

Damn The Valley: 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 2/508 PIR, 82nd Airborne in the Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan. By William Yeske, Casemate Publishers, 2023. A heavy memoir of an enlisted paratrooper in the War in Afghanistan, 2009-2010. Yeske’s company suffered a fifty-two percent casualty rate. 

Dranesville: A Northern Virginia Town in the Crossfire of a Forgotten Battle, December 20, 1861. By Ryan T. Quint, Savas Beatie, 2024. The Union Army’s victory at Dranesville was sorely need after defeats at Bull Run, Wilson’s Creek, and Ball’s Bluff; this is the first full history of a battle in which key players of later events cut their teeth.

Duty To Serve, Duty To Conscience: The Story of Two Conscientious Objector Combat Medics during the Vietnam War. By James C. Kearney and William H. Clamurro. University of North Texas Press, 2023. Part of the North Texas Military Biography and Memoir Series, a joint memoir of two 1-A-0 conscientious objectors that provides perception on ethical questions as well as witness to the Vietnam War. 

Epidemics And The American Military: Five Times Disease Changed the Course of War. By Jack E. McCallum, Naval Institute Press, 2023. Focuses on how common wartime epidemics are, how easily disease is propagated by military presence and how it’s affected the course of military strategy. Key focus points include Washington’s immunization of the Continental Army against smallpox, the devastation of typhoid and the triumph over yellow fever in the Spanish-American War, and more.

Eyes on the Enemy: U.S. Military Intelligence in World War II. By Chris McNab, Casemate Publishers, 2023. Documents the rise of the myriad organizations that collectively can be called American military intelligence during the Second World War, from the frontline G2 to the Pentagon code-breaker. Particular attention is paid to combat intelligence, the Army’s bread and butter.

The Fabric of Civil War Society: Uniforms, Badges, and Flags, 1859-1939. By Shae Smith Cox, Louisiana State University Press, 2024. Shae Smith Cox argues that the material items of the Civil War has more importance than previous scholarship has depicted; logistically and financially, politically and meaning, and tracing their change from practicalities of warfare to sentimental symbols of remembrance.

The Fevered Fight: Medical History of the American Revolution 1775-1783. By Martin R. Howard, Pen & Sword, 2023. A study of military medicine during the Revolutionary War from Lexington to Yorktown, with views from both sides of the war, including the impact of disease on black soldiers and Native Americans.

Flawed Commanders And Strategy: In the Battles for Italy, 1943-45. By Andrew Sangster & Pier Paolo Battistelli, Casemate Publishers, 2023. Examines the personalities of five military leaders in the Italian Campaigns of the Second World War; General Bernard Montgomery, George Patton, Mark Clark, Harold Alexander, and Field Marshal Alfred Kesselring. 

F*ck The Army! How Soldiers and Civilians Staged the GI Movement to End the Vietnam War. By Lindsay Goss, New York University Press, 2024. Through the lens of theater history (particularly the Free Theater Associates led by Jane Fonda), this book focuses on the internal anti-Vietnam War movement within the military. 

Garden of Ruins: Occupied Louisiana in the Civil War. By J. Matthew Ward, Louisiana State University Press, 2024. A social and military history of the first Confederate state to be partially occupied by the Union in Spring 1862, during the early Civil War. Ward examines the use, tempered or abusive alike, of power in both Union occupied and Confederate held territory within Louisiana. “The work to preserve democracy,” viewed by both blue and gray.

Great American World War II Stories. Edited by Tom McCarthy, Lyons Press, 2024.  Ten true stories of the Second World War on air, land, and sea; from Omaha Beach to Mount Suribachi, the air over Tokyo to stalking enemy ships from below the ocean surface. 

The Greatest Military Mission Stories Ever Told. Edited by Tom McCarthy, Lyons Press, 2023. A collection of essays that capture the essence of military bravery, courage and discipline in the face of overwhelming danger.

The Gunner and The Grunt: Two Boston Boys in Vietnam with the First Cavalry Division Airmobile. By Michael L. Kelley and Peter Burbank. Casemate Publishers, 2023. A detailed look at two soldiers who participated in the same battles in Vietnam, from their first combat missions to the Search and Destroy operations in Cambodia.

Hollywood’s Imperial Wars: The Vietnam Generation and the American Myth of Heroic Continuity. By Armando José Prats, University of Oklahoma Press, 2024. Describing the ‘American Myth of Heroic Continuity’ as a belief that there is heroism in victory, and victory was inevitable, Hollywood’s Imperial Wars explores how this culturally significant myth was propagated by Hollywood film, and how the Vietnam War resulted in a drastic change away from the previously mythic heroism.

Immigrant Warrior: A Challenging Life in War and Peace. By Henrik O. Lunde. Casemate Publishers, 2023. A detailed memoir providing a unique look into a highly decorated soldier who served three tours in Vietnam and beyond. 

The Inland Campaign for Vicksburg: Five Battles in Seventeen Days, May 1-17, 1863. By Timothy B. Smith, University of Kansas Press, 2024. The fifth and final volume on the Vicksburg Campaign by Timothy Smith, The Inland Campaign for Vicksburg focuses on when Ulysses S. Grant’s army “[tore] the heart out of the state of Mississippi and the Confederacy” during the Civil War. It boasts being the first standalone investigation of those profoundly important seventeen days.

In Strange Company: An American Soldier with Multinational Forces in the Middle East and Iraq. By Colonel Roland J. Tiso Jr. Casemate Publishers, 2023. A detailed look into the planning and execution of Coalition warfare during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

July 22: The Civil War Battle of Atlanta. By Earl J. Hess, University Press of Kansas, 2023. Professionally examines the “greatest day of fighting by the Union Army of the Tennessee” in the Civil War, 22 July, 1864.

The Korean War Remembered: Contested Memories of an Unended Conflict. By Michael J. Devine, University of Nebraska Press, 2023. A chronological overview which focuses on American memory of the Korean War in an international context, examining the events via subjects ranging from popular culture to monuments and museums, comparing and contrasting with how it’s remembered in China and both Koreas.

The Light of Battle: Eisenhower, D-Day, and the Birth of the American Superpower. By Michel Paradis, Mariner Books, 2024. A fresh look into General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the world-changing decisions he made, while illuminating a larger look into his private moments and internal conflicts than ever before; drawn from never-before publicly seen first-hand accounts and archival records.

The Limits of the Lost Cause: Essays on Civil War Memory. By Gaines M. Foster, Louisiana State University Press, 2024. A compilation of eight essays on the Lost Cause, in which Foster himself states are contrarian view. The first three speak of C. Vann Woodward’s perception of Southern identity “shaped by defeat;” the the rest focus on the more modern perception of the “South still fighting the Civil War.”

The Long Reckoning: A Story of War, Peace, and Redemption in Vietnam. By George Black, Alfred A. Knopf, 2023. Published on the fiftieth anniversary of the last American soldier departing Vietnam, The Long Reckoning depicts the years since the Vietnam War ended, particularly the ongoing struggle with Agent Orange and explosive remnants of war.

Memory Wars: Settlers and Natives Remember Washington’s Sullivan Expedition of 1779. By A. Lynn Smith, University of Nebraska Press, 2023. A historical and ethnographic exploration of how interpretive sites – museums, memorials, monuments, etc – shape the historical understanding of General John Sullivan’s expedition against the Iroquois Confederacy during the Revolutionary War.

Military History for the Modern Strategist: America’s Major Wars Since 1861. By Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings Institution Press, 2024. New edition that adds a preface about the American Revolution and other minor conflicts; a defense analyst’s historical primer on strategic military decisions.

Miserable Little Conglomeration: A Social History of the Port Hudson Campaign. By Christopher Thrasher, University of Tennessee Press, 2023. Drawing from archival sources, this book depicts the longest-running siege of the Civil War through the eyes of the common soldier and civilian.

My Dearest Lilla: Letters Home from Civil War General Jacob D. Cox. Edited by Gene Schmiel, University of Tennessee Press, 2023. Part of the Voices of the Civil War Series, these letters depict the love of an officer and the wife who supported him, both the Eastern and Western Theaters, and General Cox’s exploits. 

On Warriors’ Wings: Army Vietnam War Helicopters and the Native Americans they were Named to Honor. By David Napoliello, Global Collective Publishers, 2023. Focuses on the Vietnam-era helicopters named for Native American tribes through development, mission, real-world use, and the history of the tribe for which the helicopter is named.

Pacific Fortress: A History of the Seacoast Defenses of Hawaii. By Glen M. Williford. Redoubt Press, 2023. A revealing account of the U.S. Army’s coastal defenses of Oahu, Hawaii, spanning the Interwar Period, World War II and expanding throughout the Cold War.

A Quaker Colonel, His Fiancée, and Their Connections: Selected Civil War Correspondence. Edited by Richard Upsher Smith, Jr., Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2023. Published letters from the Civil War exchanged between Pennsylvanian Charles Burleigh Lamborn of the 15th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry and his fiancée, Emma Taylor. The papers show their subjects’ deep Quaker beliefs.

Race to the Potomac: Lee and Meade After Gettysburg, July 4-14, 1863. By Bradley & Linda Gottfried, Savas Beatie, 2024. Ten days after Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River. Race to the Potomac is a primer to the retreat from Gettysburg, a good introduction to the days that followed a turning point of the Civil War.

Revolutionary Blacks: Discovering the Frank Brothers, Freeborn Men of Color, Soldiers of Independence. By Shirley L. Green, Westholme, 2023. From joining the Second Rhode Island Regiment in 1777, this follows the personal journey of the Frank brothers as they fight in the Revolutionary War due to George Washington’s authorization to allow former slaves to serve in the military.

The Savage Storm: The Battle for Italy 1943. By James Holland. Atlantic Monthly Press, 2024. Holland traces the opening months of the Italian Campaign of World War II through the eyes of soldiers and civilians, Allied and Axis alike, from the generals down to the enlisted infantry.

The Sergeant: The Incredible Life of Nicholas Said: Son of an African General, Slave of the Ottomans, Free Man Under the Tsars, Hero of the Union Army. By Dean Calbreath, Pegasus Books, 2023. Written by a Pulitzer and Polk Award winning journalist; a biography of Sergeant Nicholas Said, who served in the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

Sharpen Your Bayonets!: A Biography of Lieutenant General John Wilson “Iron Mike” O’Daniel, Commander, 3rd Infantry Division in World War II. By Lt. Col. (Ret.) Timothy R. Stoy, Casemate Publishers, 2022. The first full-length biography of ‘Iron Mike’ O’Daniel, who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, and the early days of Vietnam; he commanded the 3d Infantry Division from Anzio to V-E Day.

Sign Here for Sacrifice: The Untold Story of the Third Battalion, 506th Airborne, Vietnam 1968. By Ian Gardner, Osprey Publishing, 2023. The third book by Ian Gardner chronicling the history of 3/506, focusing on the unit’s reactivation and deployment to the Vietnam War.

Silent Cavalry: How Union Soldiers from Alabama Helped Sherman Burn Atlanta — and then got Written Out of History. By Howell Raines, Crown, 2023. A focused acknowledgment of the efforts of the First Alabama Cavalry, USA, which led General William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War. A journalist’s efforts to both learn about and highlight Alabaman Unionists, and uncovering the tale of how they were buried in historical narratives.

The Soldier’s Truth: Ernie Pyle and the Story of World War II. By David Chrisinger, Penguin Press, 2023. A new examination of a “supremely private man,” what General Eisenhower called one of the G.I.’s “best and most understanding friends.” The Soldier’s Truth follows in both Ernie Pyle’s and the author’s footsteps from Kasserine Pass to Ie Shima.

Surviving Three Shermans: With The 3rd Armored Division Into The Battle of the Bulge. By Walter Boston Stitt, Jr., Edited by Dr. Jessica L. George, Casemate Publishers, 2024. A memoir of a tank loader and gunner in the Second World War. The book is built around the censored letters sent home to his mother, who saved and treasured them until her death, and telling the real tale that Stitt couldn’t tell then.

Task Force Hogan: The World War II Tank Battalion that Spearheaded the Liberation of Europe. By William R. Hogan. William Morrow, 2023. This book depicts 3d Battalion, 33d Armored Regiment, 3d Armored Division leading the charge across Europe in the Second World War, especially their daring escape from a trap during the Battle of the Bulge. Written by the son of Task Force Hogan’s commanding officer, it is a tribute to his father and the men he led.

Twelve Days: How The Union Nearly Lost Washington in the First Days of the Civil War. By Tony Silber, Potomac Books, 2023. Beginning with President Abraham Lincoln calling for 75,000 militia troops on 14 April 1861, Twelve Days depicts the dire situation Washington D.C. was in when the Civil War erupted from the perspective of Lincoln, rebellious Maryland, the Union Army, and the Confederate Army.

Union General: Samuel Ryan Curtis and Victory in the West. By William L. Shea, Potomac Books, 2023. The first biography of Samuel Ryan Curtis, an abolitionist general in the Union Army during the Civil War, who fought slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation. He was one of the most important generals of the war west of the Mississippi.

Uncertain Warriors: The United States Army Between the Cold War and the War on Terror. By David Fitzgerald, Cambridge University Press, 2024. Part of the Military, War, and Society in Modern American History series; a historical study of the Army’s institutional self-image development in the 1990s, and the return of the ‘warrior ethos.’ 

Under the Double Eagle: Citizen Employees of the U.S. Army on the Texas Frontier, 1846-1899. By Thomas T. Smith. Texas State Historical Association, 2023. Provides a look into over 1,721 civilian employees of the U.S. Army in Texas during the 19th century.

Unraveling the Myth of Sgt. Alvin York: The Other Sixteen. By James P. Gregory, Jr., Texas A&M University Press, 2023. Tells the story of the men who were with Sergeant Alvin York, contesting the popular narrative that York single-handedly accomplished his deeds to create a more balanced look into a legendary Army event.

US Battle Tanks 1917-1945. By Steven J. Zaloga, Osprey Publishing, 2024. The first of a two-volume illustrated set of the complete history of American armored tanks, from the first experiments to the end of the Second World War.

War in the Western Theater: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War. Edited by Sarah Kay Bierle and Chris Mackowski, Savas Beatie, 2024. Commemorating Emerging Civil War’s tenth anniversary is this compendium of Civil War tales and perspectives, putting to paper a number of blog posts, podcast transcripts, transcripts of talks at ECW symposiums, and more. ECW’s mission is to promote new scholars entering the professional field, and their works make up this book.

A Wilderness of Destruction: Confederate Guerrillas in East and South Florida, 1861-1865. By Zack C. Waters, Mercer University Press, 2023. Focused on the Confederate guerrillas in the Civil War who defended Florida against Union incursions, after the Confederate government abandoned Florida’s coastal regions.

With My Shield: An Army Ranger in Somalia. By James Lechner, Osprey Publishing, 2023. A memoir by an officer of the 3d Ranger Battalion during Operation GOTHIC SERPENT, depicting his personal experience and much of the surrounding events as well, thirty years later.

Without Concealment, Without Compromise: The Courageous Lives of Black Civil War Surgeons. By Jill L. Newmark, Southern Illinois University Press, 2023. The first book about black military surgeons during the Civil War, it depicts the lives of fourteen men who wore the Union blue and made American medical history.

The World War One Diary & Art of Doughboy Cpl. Harold W. Pierce: Duty, Terror and Survival. Edited by William J. Welch, Pen & Sword Books, 2024. The diary of a young National Guard enlisted man, a small book he filled with 79,000 words while fighting in the 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division. This is accompanied by six paintings Pierce put to canvas later in his life.

Zouave Theaters: Transnational Military Fashion and Performance. By Carole E. Harrison & Thomas J. Brown, Louisiana State University Press, 2024. A military fashion fad of the 19th Century that brought with it a sub-culture of its own, Zouave uniforms were as much costume as uniform, coinciding with a rise of an imperial liberalism. Harrison and Brown give a global perspective of the Zouave uniform, fitting its presence in the Civil War to a worldwide narrative.