A Soldier

My admiration and respect for the military is often found in words I pen in poetry.
The poem ”A Soldier“ was inspired by General Sullivan’s life of military service and dedication to our country.

ARMY ARTIFACTS — EPISODE 16: World War II Motorcycles

In this episode of Army ArtiFACTS, Kathleen Lugarich (Army Historical Foundation) and Christopher Ripstein (Harley-Davidson Museum) talk about the Harley-Davidson WLA model motorcycle and its purpose in World War II.

ARMY ARTIFACTS — EPISODE 15: She’s Everything. Army Barbie.

In this episode of Army Artifacts, Russell Horton, the Reference & Outreach Archivist for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, Wisconsin, shares the story of Major Jackie Mulhern who served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard as a Nurse from 1981 to 1994.

Special Exhibit to Mark D-Day 80th Anniversary

Ahead of the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2024, the Museum will host the World War II Museum’s traveling exhibit “D-Day: Freedom From Above” in the special exhibition space starting April 6, 2024.

Taking the “Nisei Soldier Experience” on the Road

The “Nisei Soldier Experience” has been sharing the stories of World War II Japanese American Soldiers with thousands of visitors since the Museum’s opening in 2020. Through never-before-seen artifacts, video stories, and touch-screen interactives, visitors connect with this lesser-known chapter of U.S. Army history through personal Soldier stories. In November 2022, the National Museum of the United States Army, The Army Historical Foundation, and the National Veterans Network (NVN) announced their collaboration to take the Nisei Soldier story on the road as the Museum’s first traveling exhibit. Inspired by the historical photo of the “I Am an American” sign posted

Call to Duty – December 2023

Taking the Nisei Soldier Experience on the Road, Working Dog Exhibit, Special Exhibit to Mark D-Day 80th Anniversary, and more!