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Museum Design

The National Army Museum will occupy over 80 acres of the grounds of beautiful Fort Belvoir, Va., less than 30 minutes south of our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.  The main building will be approximately 185,000 square feet and display selections from 15,000 pieces from the Army Art Collection and 30,000 artifacts, documents, and images.  The vast majority of these rare and priceless artifacts have never been seen by the American people.

The outside land  of the Museum campus will include a memorial garden, amphitheater, parade ground, and trail (see site plan below for details). Space is being planned to accommodate ceremonies, reenactments, lectures, educational programs, conferences and reunions.

The centerpiece of the National Museum of the United States Army will be a major exhibition facility where the Soldiers stories will be joined with the thousands of artifacts, documents, and images tracing the storied history of the United States Army from colonial times to today. A series of chronological and thematic galleries will show visitors what it means to be a Soldier in times of both war and peace. The three main galleries will be Soldier Stories, Fighting for the Nation, and Army and Society. The Fighting for the Nation Galleries will be broken down into six galleries that cover a different period in the Army’s history starting with the Revolutionary War and ending with the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (See First Floor plan below for details).

“Service and Sacrifice” will be the dominant theme throughout the Museum. Galleries will show the Army’s strength as an agent of peace and nation-building. Soldiers have conducted countless missions in the areas of exploration and discovery, science and technology, communications and cooperation, and recovery and disaster relief. The ingenuity of American Soldiers has greatly aided the nation’s progress and prosperity during more than 240 years.

Click on different areas of the floor plan for renderings and more information about the spaces.

Site Location

Fairfax County Parkway runs along the upper left corner.

Site Plan


The National Army Museum will be located on more than 80 acres on the grounds of beautiful Fort Belvoir, Va., less than 30 minutes south of our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. The main building will be approximately 185,000 square feet and display selections from 15,000 pieces from the Army Art Collection and 30,000 artifacts, documents, and images. The vast majority of these rare and priceless artifacts have never been seen by the American people. The Museum will welcome an estimated 750,000 visitors every year.


The amphitheater will host outdoor events and performances.

Grandstand and Parade Ground

This large outdoor space will be used for public concerts, events, and Army ceremonies. Additionally, this unique outdoor space will be used to demonstrate historic and modern tactical maneuvers, training and fighting tactics, battle re-enactments, and equipment operations and demonstrations that are too large for inside the main Museum building.

Vehicle Demonstration Track sponsored by AM General


This scenic walkway will be lined with commemorative bricks honoring past and present Soldiers.

Founder's Hall

Founder's Hall will serve as an event and temporary exhibit space.

First Floor

Experiential Learning Center

The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) is a unique, state-of-the-art interactive resource center featuring geography, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (GSTEM) educational programs. Considered one of the marquee features of the National Army Museum, the ELC will be located on the first floor adjacent to the Museum lobby. It will include an extensive experiential learning area, complete with classroom space and simulated rescue mission activities.

Lockheed Martin (Education Pavilion, Interactive Tables)
Raytheon (Interactive, Interactive Tables)
Coca Cola Foundation (Interactive Tables)

Museum Store

The retail shop will sell a variety of Army art prints and Army gear.


Accessible off the cafe, the terrace will serve as additional dining space.


The cafe will serve a variety of food in a cafeteria style.


The inviting 7,500 square foot Lobby will welcome and orient visitors to the variety of Museum experiences and opportunities available. The versatility of the design will allow the Lobby to meet multipurpose needs during non-Museum hours, to include special events, ceremonies, and dinners.

Donor Wall
Individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations donating $50,000-$4,999,999 will be prominently displayed in the Museum’s Lobby in five circles of distinction—One-Star through Five-Star. Those contributing $5,000,000 or more will be recognized in the Commander-in-Chief’s Circle.

Wall of Honor (Colors of Courage)
The Army has fought 11 wars and conducted 190 campaigns over the past 240+ years. Those hard-fought honors are represented by battle streamers that are attached to the Army flag as a reminder of the selfless service and courage of the over 30 million men and women who have served the nation during times of war and peace. This awe-inspiring U.S. Army Wall of Honor displays the identity, traditions and history that make up the intangible spirit of a unit—its soul

General Dynamics (Wall of Honor)
1814 Society (Battle Streamers)

Army & Society Gallery

Consisting of five major and distinctly themed areas, the 9,900 square foot Army and Society Gallery will be a standout attraction that sets the National Museum of the United  States Army apart from all other military museums. No other known American military museum hosts a gallery that explores the broad and often unknown symbiotic relationship between the Army, its civilian government, and the people. Visitors will learn how General Washington  convinced his officers to abandon thoughts of taking control of  the government, thus fulfilling the aspirations expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

The gallery will introduce visitors to the many advancements in medicine, aviation, communications, and technology that have helped shape American society, culture, and economy. Visitors will discover how the Army has responded to and impacted issues such as immigration, integration, racial and gender equity, educational opportunities, and shaping the national character. The Army is a reflection of American society, and like that society, it is always changing.
David Steward (Reflecting & Changing Exhibit)
FedEx (Wright Flyer)
Sikorsky (Sikorsky R-4B Hoverfly, Innovation & Invention Exhibit)
UTC (Innovation & Invention Exhibit)
Cracker Barrel (Army Family Covenant Exhibit)

Founding the Nation Gallery

Explores the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 allowing visitors to discover America’s roots, the origins and formation of the Continental Army, and to learn about the Army’s development as a professional force during the War of 1812.

Soldiers' Stories - Revolution sponsored by CALIBRE

Preserving the Nation Gallery

Gives visitors an appreciation for the impact of the Civil War as the defining event of the 19th century and show how the conflict fundamentally changed the relationship between the Army and American Society.

Civil War Interactive Music sponsored by MG & Mrs. Salisbury

Nation Overseas Gallery

Details America’s entry onto the world stage and the Army’s role in helping turn the tide during the Great War. It is organized into four distinct spaces—“Entering the World Stage,” “The Great War,” “WWI Immersion,” and “WWI Battlefield Experience."

Johnson & Johnson (Medicine Exhibit)
Kongsberg Protech (Krag Rifle)

Global War Gallery

Covers World War II, exploring the Army’s full involvement in the War highlighting technologies and tactics that led to an Allied victory, the story of the Army in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific, and the Manhattan Project.

General Motors (Sherman Tank)
Rasmusson Foundation (Technology & Tactics Exhibit)
Luxembourg (Battle of the Bulge Exhibit)
Gottwalds (Soldiers' Stories - WWII, Pacific)

Cold War Gallery

Showcases evocative imagery of civil defense symbols, mushroom clouds, duck and cover drills, with movie posters dramatizing the standoff between the Soviet bloc and America and its allies for over 40 years. Covers the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Army in the Cold War Exhibit sponsored by Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Changing World Gallery

Chronicles the Army’s new challenges: conducting peace operations while facing combat against new and unfamiliar forces on both conventional and unconventional battlefields across the globe.

Persian Gulf War Exhibit, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and Reinventing the Army Exhibit sponsored by BAE Systems


Visitors will view content around a 306 degree screen.

Soldiers' Stories Gallery

These personal accounts of ordinary men and women from all historic periods and walks of life will be an inviting and inspirational entry gallery that introduces visitors to Army history in a way that transcends generations and connects visitors to places and events. Each 41 freestanding stainless steel pylons will have a larger-than life etched image of a Soldier’s face and accompanying biographical information, with the last row featuring digital screens. The service of each of these Soldiers reflects one or more of the seven Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

On the back wall of the gallery, “The Soldier’s Creed,” beginning with the declaration, “I am an American Soldier,” will be carved into a large stone-like monolith, creating a monumental and reverential backdrop to the Soldier formation.

Honeywell (Army Core Values Wall)

Second Floor

The Army Art and Special Exhibition Gallery

This space, partially overlooking the lobby, will be The Army Art and Special Exhibition Gallery.

Third Floor

Veterans Hall

The Veterans’ Hall is a multi-functional space for veterans and their families for reunions, meetings, lectures, and other events. The Veterans’ Hall will showcase artwork, artifacts, the interactive Registry of the American Soldier, and the Veterans’ Hall Donor Wall.

Medal of Honor garden

The Medal of Honor Garden is an outdoor area adjacent to the Veterans’ Hall and a continuation of the Medal of Honor Experience.  The area is a reflective space divided into three sections to showcase the core principles of a Medal of Honor recipient: Valor, Gallantry, and Intrepidity.

Medal of Honor Experience

The Medal of Honor Experience is a contemplative, uplifting program designed to inspire and educate visitors about the courage and selflessness of the Soldiers who have earned our Nation’s highest honor and illustrate the history and significance of the Medal itself.

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