Emmy French

French Infantry Musket, M1728 (“Charleville”)

Written By: Paul Morando, Chief of Exhibits, National Museum of the United States Army It is well known that support from France helped secure the American victory against the British during the Revolutionary War. The import of weapons, to include thousands of “Charleville” muskets, proved crucial in solidifying France’s commitment to American independence. It also …

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Chut, J’ecoute: The U.S. Army’s Use of Radio Intelligence in World War I

Written By: Betsy Rohaly Smoot  “This source of information, practically unthought-of before the war, has been developed to such an extent that, at the close of hostilities, it constituted one of the main branches of intelligence.”  Captain Charles H. Matz, Radio Intelligence Officer, First Army, American Expeditionary Forces, November 1918 The United States entered World …

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Artwork of Samuel Johnson Woolf

Written By: Katie Holt An artist well known for his portraits of twentieth-century influential figures, Samuel Johnson Woolf spent four months in France during World War I with the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF).  As an artist-correspondent for Collier’s Weekly, Woolf was embedded in the trenches along the front and behind the lines.  Immediately upon returning …

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