Social Giving, Participating With Your Peers

The Army Historical Foundation has recently launched a Peer-to-Peer Giving program as part of the National Museum of the United States Army Campaign. The program is yet another way to participate in the Museum Campaign and help make this important national landmark a reality.

What Is Peer-to-Peer Giving?

SocialGivingIconPeer-to-Peer Giving provides you with a platform to encourage your friends to donate to a chosen organization or cause on your behalf. Also known as social giving, the program relies on friends asking friends if it is to be successful. It’s also a great way to spread the word to your friends about your interest in a certain organization. Knowing that people are more likely to give to friends and family, Peer-to-Peer Giving lets individuals use their social networks to work toward a shared donation goal. Through AHF’s Peer-to-Peer Giving program, you can help raise funds and awareness for the Army Museum Campaign among your friends, family and colleagues.

How Does Peer-to-Peer Giving Work?

By asking your social networks to support your effort to donate to the Museum Campaign, you can make one larger donation together. Even if each individual donation to your personal Peer-to-Peer campaign is only a few dollars, together you can make a significant gift to the Campaign. The more people you can get involved the better!

What Makes Peer-to-Peer Giving Special?

The program allows you to explain directly why the Museum is important to you. This encourages your friends and family to donate to your personal interest in the campaign, making their donation a personal gift to you and your belief in the campaign. It’s also a great opportunity for people who perhaps can’t afford to give as much as they might like on their own.

Are There Different Ways To Run My Own Peer-to-Peer Giving Campaign?

Of course! Because it is your campaign, you have the freedom to decide exactly how you would like to motivate your friends and family to give. You can ask people to make a donation in lieu of birthday presents, to sponsor your upcoming marathon, to help you honor the memory of a Soldier, or anything else you can think up.

How Can I Set Up My Own Peer-to-Peer Giving Campaign?

It’s easy! Visit and create your personalized fundraising page. Just follow the prompts and send the customized page to your email contacts and post to social media.


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