Production Begins on Commemorative Bricks

Over 6,000 commemorative bricks have been purchased to date as a lasting way to honor the service and sacrifice of currently serving Soldiers, Army veterans, and Department of the Army civilians as part of the National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA) Brick Program. These bricks are now in production to be used to “Pave the Way to Army History” on the Path of Remembrance leading to the Museum’s main entrance.

Jenna Truax, Manager, Donor and Membership Programs at the Army Historical Foundation (AHF), remarked, “Although the Museum won’t be open until 2019, we’ve had to begin production on the bricks to ensure they’ll be installed when the Museum opens.”

Due to high demand, the width of the inlaid brick portion of the promenade has been expanded by 40 percent. “We expect to sell out the promenade this winter,” Truax continued. “Additional areas are planned for expansion of the Commemorative Brick Program, but those areas may not be completed in time for Museum dedication.”

These high quality American-made granite bricks were mined by Coldspring in northern Minnesota and inscribed by Fund Raiser’s Sports, located in Boise, Idaho. The journey of these bricks to their final location at the U.S. Army Museum is an American story of its own.

“Working with the Army Historical Foundation to offer the nation a chance to pay tribute to those who have served and continue to serve in the United States Army is a true honor,” said Karen Lockner, President and CEO of Fund Raisers Sports. “The rich legacy of those selfless men and women who serve or have served in the Army will live on through the sentiments of their families, friends, and fellow Soldiers in what is sure to be a magnificent place of honor and reflection.”

“We are excited to see the bricks go into production using the materials and expertise of Minnesota’s Coldspring and Idaho’s Fund Raiser Sports,” noted Truax. “With their help, we look forward to seeing the Path of Remembrance become a reality at the Army Museum.” For more information visit or call (855) ARMY-BRX.


As of June 1, the brick pricing will increase 20%, so order yours today!