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2010 National Museum of the U.S. Army Ornament, Civil War

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Released in 2010, this ornament- the second in the series of holiday ornaments depicting Soldiers partaking in key events in Army history- is made by U.S. craftsmen from solid brass finished in 24 karat gold measuring about 3” high by 2” wide. It features the painting, “Dress on the Colors” by Specialist Theresa L. Unger. The image depicts a color sergeant during the siege of Petersburg, Virginia which took place from June 1864 to April 1865. The color sergeant became the pivotal point in battle around which the regiments advanced and wheeled. Visible through the smoke and dust of battle, the sergeant’s colors attracted the heaviest enemy fire and became the focal point of hand-to-hand combat. On the reverse, the National Army Museum logo appears with a quote from MG Joshua L. Chamberlain delivered at the 20th Maine Monument Dedication at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in October 1889: “In great deeds something abides. On great fields something stays.” Each piece is assembled by hand and packaged in a gift box with an enclosure card explaining the significance of the painting and of the quote.