Popular Brick Program Opens New Area

The Army Historical Foundation continues to “pave the way to Army history” by opening the next area for the National Museum of the United States Army Brick Program, the Parade Ground Plaza. Since the program launched in March 2013, over 3,200 National Army Museum supporters have purchased one or more personalized bricks which will line the Museum’s Path of Remembrance, leading visitors from the parking lot to the Museum’s main entrance.

More than 3,800 individual bricks have been ordered, each one honoring individual Soldiers, Army units, Army families, Department of the Army civilians, and Museum and Army supporters. “We are excited to extend the Path of Remembrance and expand the space in which Soldiers and other members of the Army family can be recognized in this lasting and personal tribute at the National Army Museum,” announced Kerri Kline, AHF’s Director of Donor Initiatives and Museum Relations. “In addition to every brick inscription personally contributing to the Museum’s permanent landscape,” added Kline, “the brick program also has generated over $1.2 million for the Museum’s Capital Campaign.”

clusterThe next brick area, the Parade Ground Plaza, will welcome visitors to the Museum’s parade ground which will be used for public concerts and events and Army ceremonies. Additionally, this unique outdoor space will be used to demonstrate historic and modern Army tactical maneuvers, training and fighting tactics, battle re-enactments, and equipment operations that are too large for inside the main Museum building.

The bricks will be made of high-quality Mesabi black granite and inscribed in charcoal-colored lettering. Available in two sizes, 4” x 8” for $250 and 8” x 8” for $500, the bricks will be installed in time for the Museum’s grand opening celebration. Both full-size and miniature brick replicas, complete with a “National Museum of the United States Army” brass plaque, can be ordered for presentation or as a gift for personal display.

For more information on the Army Museum Brick Program visit armyhistory.org/bricks or call 855-ARMY-BRX.

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