New Unit Tribute Program Launched

This year, the Army Historical Foundation (AHF) launched the Unit Tribute program–another sponsorship option for those who wish to commemorate their unit’s legacy at the National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA).  Unit Tributes can now be purchased for $5,000 to honor your unit and its accomplishments. The 12”x18” plaques will honor individual Army units of any size and period of time. The plaques are engraved in polished Mesabi Black granite and will line the Path of Remembrance leading up to the Museum.

“Because of the varying sizes, histories, and accomplishments of the many Army units, the plaques will be customized, to include the option of using a color rendering of the unit’s Distinctive Unit Insignia and/or Shoulder Sleeve Insignia,” explained Kathleen Holt, AHF’s Associate Director, Donor and Member Programs.  “Our staff is ready to work with you to create the plaque that you think best represents the unit’s service.” Holt added, “AHF does have final approval on all plaque inscriptions and designs.”

“Every Soldier has a story to tell, and part of that story is the camaraderie, teamwork, and discipline learned by working and risking one’s life daily as part of a unit,” remarked Richard Couture, AHF’s Chief Marketing Officer.  “We are excited to offer this new sponsorship program to ensure that supporters can honor their units, which are such fundamental parts of Army service, at the Museum.”

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