Join Growing Grassroots Volunteer Program!

Individuals, organizations, and corporations across the country can help promote awareness of the Capital Campaign and generate funds to build the National Museum of the United States Army. Grassroots volunteers assist the Campaign by promoting the National Army Museum within the organizations to which they belong and by reaching out to their local government and businesses.

Grassroots_Uncle-Sam_DMPoster“We are growing a nationwide network of grassroots volunteers and each volunteer has found his or her own way to advocate for the National Army Museum,” explained Beth Schultz Seaman, Director of Grassroots Development. “These volunteers assist us in our mission to reach millions of citizens and Army veterans to share the good news about the Museum and to ask for their support to make the Museum a reality.”

The Campaign’s staff provides volunteers with the tools necessary to be successful fundraisers. Each volunteer receives a grassroots kit which includes items such as posters, brochures, and fact sheets. Volunteers may also consider sending a letter to the editor or a press release to their local newspaper, hosting a fundraising event or auction, and/or promoting a link to the Museum’s website. “We are happy to discuss fundraising ideas with you and provide enthusiasm and support,” added Schultz Seaman. “Your volunteer activities are only limited by your imagination.”

social-iconsA few of the many ways volunteers can help:

  • Ask local businesses/organizations to make a donation.
  • Send a prepared press release or letter to the editor to your local newspaper(s) voicing support of the Museum and encouraging others to honor Soldiers and Army veterans by enrolling them in the Registry of the American Soldier.
  • Host fundraising events such as barbecues, raffles, auctions, carnivals and home tours.
  • Use the Museum brochure as a conversation starter to encourage anyone with Army service, and those who have Army family, to honor those Soldiers through the Registry of the American Soldier.
  • Place Museum posters and brochures in local store fronts, veterans’ halls, libraries, banks, and other popular locations.
  • Promote the National Army Museum via Facebook and Twitter. Like, share, or retweet our posts and/or create posts for your own social media.
  • Share the link on local websites.

Are you interested in learning more about joining our grassroots team?

Contact Beth Schultz Seaman at 703-879-0006 or