Honor Your Army Unit Today!

Do you want to ensure YOUR Army unit is honored at the National Museum of the United States Army? Consider working with your fellow soldiers to purchase a Unit Tribute plaque! Plaques are available to honor individual units of any size and period of time. They are 12” x 18” in size, made of polished Mesabi black granite, and can be purchased for $5,000. Unit Tribute plaques will line the Path of Remembrance leading up to the National Army Museum.

The veterans who served at Phu Lam—the largest strategic communications base during the Vietnam War—banded together to sponsor a plaque. Josef Rokus, who led the campaign to raise funds for their tribute noted, “The support was overwhelmingly positive, as were the general comments about the Museum. Many thought this was the perfect way to commemorate the work we did in Vietnam.

Take this time now to contact your fellow veterans to purchase a Unit Tribute plaque today! For more information visit armyhistory.org/unit-tributes/.


As of June 1, the brick pricing will increase 20%, so order yours today!