Family With Long Military History Supports Museum

The M. R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation, a family foundation based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, recently donated $50,000 toward the construction of the National Museum of the United States Army, thanks to a family member. Dr. Wally Hooser, a cousin of the Hudsons, explained that the Hooser family connection to the Army dates back to the French and Indian War and five ancestors serving in the Revolutionary War.

“I grew up poor and I was the first in my family to attend college,” explained Hooser. “My family valued patriotism and shared a lot of stories about our relatives who had served in the military and the opportunities our country afforded us … It shaped my outlook on life in a very positive way.”

While Hooser was in his last year of medical school, he and his brother volunteered for military service during the Vietnam War. Hooser finished medical school and spent two years at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii which received constant medical evacuations from Vietnam. After a serious illness, Hooser was medically discharged, but continued practicing medicine in civilian life and became a successful radiologist. Hooser added that those two years strongly influenced him and he embraced the principles of honor, duty, and loyalty, and when he is asked, “Where did you learn that?” he always replies, “I learned that in the Army!”

When M.R. and Evelyn Hudson passed away they established a foundation with their remaining estate and gave their family one directive ? do good and help those who are trying to help themselves. Upon learning of their gift, AHF’s Executive Director BG Creighton W. Abrams, (USA-Ret.), affirmed that supporting the National Army Museum is a donation that will do good now and continue to do good years down the road through educating Museum visitors about the Army’s history and engaging young people in interactive STEM educational activities.

“I hope more folks and Army vets will think about their time in the Army and what it meant to them,” concluded Hooser. “Everyone’s time and money is valuable, big and small, and giving what you can is worthwhile and makes a difference.”


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