Family Bricks Honor Over Three Centuries of Service

Colonel Richard L. Boyle (USA-Ret.) of Nanuet, N.Y., and his family recently purchased 17 bricks to honor their relatives who have served in the military from 1676 to present day. Boyle’s order marks the largest collection of National Museum of the United States Army commemorative bricks by one family.

coyle brickThe Boyle family has a vast and storied connection to the U.S. military and Boyle recognized the National Army Museum as the perfect place to ensure its stories are shared with generations to come. Boyle joined the U.S. Navy during World War II and served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1946-1982. His three brothers, Peter, Jim, and William, also served in the military. “Dad is fiercely proud of his family and his and their service to our country, as am I,” Boyle’s daughter, Amy Boyle Geisel, explained.

Geisel facilitated her father’s brick order and noted that the 17 bricks honor ancestors dating back to King Philip’s War in the 17th century. Continuing through history, Boyle included ancestors who were veterans of the American War for Independence and the Spanish-American War. The most recent serviceman and woman to be honored are Boyle’s niece and nephew, Cpl. Kevin Kick and 1st Lt. Gina Mogged, both Marines.

In explaining his impetus for purchasing the bricks Boyle remarked, “As the last surviving family member with the personal knowledge of our family’s military service I decided to honor my group in the best way I know.” Geisel added, “This was definitely on dad’s bucket list and once I realized how important it was to him, I made it happen.”

“The Boyle’s story is fascinating, and it reminds us that our nation’s military history is an integral part of our history as a whole,” said Kerri Kline, AHF’s Director of Donor Initiatives and Museum Relations. “It is a privilege to display at the National Army Museum the names of these 17 servicemembers and provide a permanent tribute to their collective service spanning more than 300 years.”

Family Portrait
Richard Boyle (first row, second from left) with his mother, Catherine Pixley Boyle, and his siblings on the day of their father’s funeral, 1936.

The Army Museum Brick Program has expanded from the Path of Remembrance to the Parade Ground Plaza. Bricks will be made of high-quality Mesabi black granite and inscribed in charcoal-colored lettering. Available in two sizes, 4” x 8” for $250 and 8”x 8” for $500, the bricks will be installed in time for the Museum’s grand opening celebration. Both full-size and miniature brick replicas, complete with a “National Museum of the United States Army” brass plaque, can be ordered for presentation or as a gift for personal display.

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For more information on the Army Museum Brick Program visit or call 855-ARMY-BRX.

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