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American industry has supported the Army since its inception 240 years ago. The Army has not marched a step from Bunker Hill to Bagdad without private sector support. Throughout the Army’s storied history, our Soldiers have been supported by the inventive and resourceful network of businesses that have supplied the material and services necessary for them to accomplish their mission.

The Army, the National Army Museum, and the Capital Campaign recognize that this Museum will not only be a showcase for the Army, but for the innovations of its corporate partners. That’s why we have created a Donor Wall to recognize those that support the Museum with a significant gift. We also have a Donor Recognition Program that will allow for the sponsorship of specific exhibits and features within the Museum complex like galleries, theaters, multi-media experiences, as well as an amphitheater, memorial garden, and parade ground.

Planners estimate that 750,000 to 1 million people will visit this great new facility each year. The National Museum of the United States Army will be a great place to showcase your company’s association with or patriotic support for the Army to customers, investors and potential investors, employees (many of who are veterans or are still serving in the U.S. Army Reserves or the National Guard), their families, and vendors.

For information on specific opportunities your company might consider, please contact David Cotter at

“The General Motors Foundation is honored to help the National Museum of the United States Army to continue to tell the story of the brave and heroic sacrifice of so many who fought to preserve freedom during the world’s darkest hour.” – Bob Ferguson, GM
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