Construction Updates

Construction crews from Scott-Long Construction, Shirley Contracting Company, LLC and their sub-contractors continue work on the museum site.  Temporary erosion and sediment control measures are controlling the runoff of rainwater on the site.  Rough grading of the future roadways and the museum site continue by Shirley.  Permanent storm water structures and pipes continue to be installed for future management of rainwater runoff.  Utilities infrastructure installation such as natural gas, water and electricity service continue with planning and coordination for their respective construction that will support the museum.  The concrete pad for the 20′ Mock-Up (to be constructed) of the museum’s building envelope has been poured near the entrance to the museum site.

The Liberty Drive entrance to the museum at Fairfax County Parkway has had some undercutting of non-suitable soils with fill emplaced to ensure a suitable base for the future roadway to the museum.  The completion of the Service Drive going to the back of the museum will facilitate Clark Construction’s access to the museum pad allowing Clark to mobilize upon the Army Historical Foundation receiving the Army’s formal approval to start construction of the museum.

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February 1, 2017


January 18, 2017

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December 20, 2016


December 16, 2016


November 23, 2016


November 10, 2016


March 3, 2016

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