Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 300 300 The Campaign for the National Museum of the United States Army

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Army Chairmen are in Bold

General of the Army Omar N. Bradley 1949-1953
Admiral Arthur Radford 1953-1957 (Navy)
General Nathon Twining 1957-1960 (Air Force)
General Lyman L. Lemnitzer 1960-1962
General Maxwell D. Taylor 1962-1964
General Earle G. Wheeler 1964-1970
Admiral Thomas Moorer 1970-1974 (Navy)
General George Brown 1974-1978 (Air Force)
General David Jones 1978-1982 (Air Force)
General John W. Vessey, Jr. 1982-1985
Admiral William Crowe 1985-1989 (Navy)
General Colin L. Powell 1989-1993
Admiral David Jeremiah (Acting) 1993 (Navy)
General John Shalikashvili 1993-1997
General Henry H. Shelton 1997- 2001
General Richard B. Myers (Air Force) 2001-2005
General Peter Pace (Marines) 2005-2007
Admiral Michael Mullen (Navy) 2007-2011
General Martin Dempsey 2011-

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