Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Army Chairmen are in Bold

General of the Army Omar N. Bradley 1949-1953
Admiral Arthur Radford 1953-1957 (Navy)
General Nathon Twining 1957-1960 (Air Force)
General Lyman L. Lemnitzer 1960-1962
General Maxwell D. Taylor 1962-1964
General Earle G. Wheeler 1964-1970
Admiral Thomas Moorer 1970-1974 (Navy)
General George Brown 1974-1978 (Air Force)
General David Jones 1978-1982 (Air Force)
General John W. Vessey, Jr. 1982-1985
Admiral William Crowe 1985-1989 (Navy)
General Colin L. Powell 1989-1993
Admiral David Jeremiah (Acting) 1993 (Navy)
General John Shalikashvili 1993-1997
General Henry H. Shelton 1997- 2001
General Richard B. Myers (Air Force) 2001-2005
General Peter Pace (Marines) 2005-2007
Admiral Michael Mullen (Navy) 2007-2011
General Martin Dempsey 2011-