World War II

232d Engineer Combat Company (Nisei), 442d Regimental Combat Team

The 442d Regimental Combat Team (RCT), which was largely made up of Japanese-American soldiers, was the most decorated American unit of its size in World War II. One of the lesser known units that comprised the 442d RCT was the 232d Engineer Combat Company, which included seven officers and 204 enlisted men, and had the …

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187th Infantry Regiment

Originally organized as a glider infantry unit in World War II, the 187th Infantry Regiment fought in the Korean War as part of an airborne regimental combat team. Later, in the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars, elements of the 187th fought as helicopter-borne units with the 101st Airborne Division. Throughout its history, the 187th has …

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41st Infantry Division, ARNG

During World War II, American troops in the Pacific Theater experienced some of the toughest combat in U.S. military history. Whether in the steamy jungles of New Guinea, Guadalcanal, or the Philippines, or on the various sun scorched atolls of the Pacific, American soldiers faced a tough adversary in the troops of the Japanese Imperial …

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