Capital Campaign Launches Lexington & Concord Society

Painting by Don Troiani.

Introducing the Lexington & Concord Society, a new group specifically designed for donors making gifts between $5,000 and $49,999.

“The Lexington & Concord Society creates a unique giving opportunity within the Campaign, and true to its name, reflects the spirit of the brave minutemen who banded together to fight for America’s Independence,” said Kerri Kline, Director of Donor Initiatives and Museum Relations.

  • Meet top Museum officials,
  • Stay abreast of Museum project details,
  • Be the first to learn of public programs and educational initiatives, and
  • Receive premium VIP invitations to special Campaign and Army Historical Foundation events.

On April 19, 1775, tensions between the American colonists and the British government reached a breaking point, resulting in the first military engagements of the American Revolution. After the initial fighting at Lexington and Concord, militiamen from nearby towns came to the aid of the local colonists to push the British regulars back to Boston. Ralph Waldo Emerson captured the importance and significance of the battles of Lexington and Concord in his phrase “the shot heard ‘round the world.” Nothing would ever be the same, and the Colonists took the first steps toward revolution and independence. In a few short months, the Continental Army, the forerunner of the United States Army, was formed on June 14, 1775.

“This month, the Army celebrates 239 years of service to our nation,” said MG John P. Herrling, (USA-Ret.), Campaign Executive Director, “and we invite our supporters to join together through the Lexington & Concord Society, like the minutemen, and use their collective resolve to drive this campaign forward to a shared goal – Museum groundbreaking.”