Patton’s War Stories with Kevin Hymel

National Museum of the United States Army 1775 Liberty Drive, Fort Belvoir, VA, United States

In this event for AHF members, Kevin Hymel will discuss five stories about General Patton.


Armies and Societies in A Dynamic World

Using examples from his book Creating the Modern Army: Citizen Soldiers and the American Way of War, 1919-1939,Woolley will examine aspects of the impact of societal change on military organizations.


Battle of Normandy and The Liberation of Paris Overseas Tour

The Foundation, in partnership with The National WWII Museum, invites you to this uniquely curated travel experience. Nothing can match learning about the Normandy landings as you visit the very places where these events unfolded and hear the stories of those who fought there.

Army Prepares for Atomic War with Professor Brian McAllister

This talk will trace the origin and evolution of the Army’s transformation towards atomic war. It will detail the revolutionary reforms the Army undertook and discuss some of the reasons this experiment ultimately failed.