Brick Program Reaches New Success

Another milestone has been reached as the Army Historical Foundation’s (AHF’s) commemorative brick program continues to “pave the way to history.”  The program recently received its 5000th brick order.  Four bricks were purchased by Robert J. Pfleghardt to honor himself and his family members whose service began in World War I.  Pfleghardt, of Springfield, Va., served in the Army from 1955-1993, reaching the rank of colonel.  The other bricks honor various family members who also were members of the U.S. Army.

“We are excited that the brick program has reached such a memorable moment,” noted Jenna Truax, Manager, Marketing & Donor Programs.  She continued, “We are happy with the success of the program and look forward to meeting future milestones.”

The brick program which recently expanded from the Path of Remembrance to the Parade Ground Plaza due to overwhelming demand, continues to function as a means for honoring those who have served. Bricks will be made of high-quality Mesabi black granite and inscribed in charcoal-colored lettering.  Available in two sizes, 4” x 8” for $250 and 8” x 8” for $500, the bricks will be installed in time for the Museum’s grand opening celebration.  Both full-size and miniature brick replicas, complete with a “National Museum of the United States Army” brass plaque, can be ordered for presentation or as a gift for personal display.  For more information on the Army Museum Brick Program visit or call 855-ARMY-BRX.


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